Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bar None

Bar None is a hidden bar across from Camberwell station. It was closed for a while after a fire but recently opened back up again. It's casual and mature.

We were especially impressed by the enthusiastic and friendly staff member who helped us out that night. She had a lot of product knowledge and recommended some very nice beverages.

ALSO the coolest part was the menu. It was a book, a centimetre and a half thick, which explained what the drinks were, the origins, processing and history of spirits and why the flavours worked together.

We enjoyed a cocktail called Mr. Fancy Pants which was apparently a popular pick which contained vanilla vodka which MADE IT. We also enjoyed an ale which was yummmmyyyy, Applejack in a cocktail glass and Rose.

We'd go back I'D SAY.

Dark ale and Mr. Fancy Pants - like a vanilla mojito

Applejack - it looked much brighter and appetising in real life.


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