Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Doppio/Double Happiness

Just near China Town is a lovely place - Doppio Happiness by day and Double HAPPINESS BY NIGHT. We love this place day and night because it is cosy, CASUAL and comfortable, the oriental theme is fantastico and it's mostly never busy (except for last night, but only because it was Valentine's Day and all the coolest people were there, AND IT WASN'T EVEN that bad anyway)

The barista during the day is great. He probably drinks about one million coffees. The coffees are A BIT OF ALRIGHT. I've also noticed that they have some fancy little cakes and the likes but I've never gone that.

During the evening they have some yummy cocktails, beer, wine and all that jazz. The menu isn't extensive at all, nor is their supply of spirits but we agreed that people come here for the atmosphere more so than the drinks list. However, their cocktails are probably some of my favourites (this list of mine also includes those at Berlin Bar) On a visit prior to last night, I had a cocktail featuring lychee vodka YMUYMUMYMUMUYM and last night a lemony delight with green tea liquer OH BABY. A beer from China was also thoroughly enjoyed.

This place is DA BOMB. 

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