Saturday, February 25, 2012

Red Robyn

SOOOOOOO there is this little cafe on Camberwell Rd in Camberwell called Red Robyn, that has recently opened.  So far we have been there twice, once for breakfast and once for lunch, so we have been able to get a spread of the meals.

A lot of their dishes utilise polenta, which until recently I had not been a fan of, but in the dishes at Red Robyn I have really been enjoying.  It's also cool how, because the cafe is relatively new, the dishes have been changing and improving, which is certainly the case for the polenta :)

These are some of the dishes that had polenta:
This one is the Red Robyn breakfast V NICE

And this one is ... something else, I cant think of the name, but it had these carrots in MOLAESES

We have also tried some of their coffees, a ristretto, soy cappuccino, and regular cappuccino. The lady, who I assume is Robyn actually told us that recently they have started using a ristretto shot in the coffees as opposed to a normal espresso shot, which I think is kind of nifty :P

THIS IS a picture of the menu :P and a coffee:

These are just some other items we have tried:

this was a really nice salad

these were cool fritters because they

weren't oily

I should have mentioned earlier but the main idea of this cafe is the cater for different dietary requirements, like gluten free, vegetarian and vegan. 


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